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MAV Policies


    MAV and its tournament directors will be the final judge on the disposition of a tournament. Tournaments may be suspended due to field conditions or local environmental conditions (i.e. lightning, pollution alerts, high temperatures). MAV may alter the format of any match due to time and/or weather considerations. Players must register during designated registration times (7:45am-8:30am). Failure to have all team members present may  result in loss of entry. All players must be present at the time of check-in to sign a waiver. Any teams arriving after 8:30 will be assessed a $10 late fee.

    The first match begins at the designated tournament time (usually 9:00 a.m.). You must be prepared to play or work at that time or risk forfeiture.  Ten minutes is allotted between matches; play must begin at the end of that interval. Teams not ready to play at the end of the 10 minutes forfeit  the 1st game of the match, with subsequent games forfeited every 5 minutes.  Work Teams are responsible for keeping time between matches (see above). Timing begins at the end of the previous match. If the work team fails to show, they will receive a 1-game forfeit in their next match. During pool play, if teams cannot mutually decide on a game ball, the work team decides. For playoffs, the higher seed gets choice of game ball. CLEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PLAYING FIELD. THEY POSE A DANGER TO OTHER PLAYERS AND TEAR UP THE FIELDS. Multi-studded rubber soles (turf shoes) are acceptable. Players may wear jewelry, although this is discouraged. Items that may fall off or pose a danger to players (e.g., beepers) may not be worn during play. Honor calls are expected among competitors. However, work teams are responsible for making calls and settling disputes. The work team of the last match in pool play is required to bring the results sheet to the tournament director.</strong> The team that loses the last game of pool play is required to stay and work the 1st round of playoffs. If that team is in the playoffs, their opponent in the last match stays. If both are in playoffs, the work team of the last match stays. The losing team in playoff matches works the next playoff match. The loser of the last semi-final match to finish stays to work the final.

Scoring and Playoffs

    MAV may alter the format of any match due to time and/or weather considerations.  Side out scoring is used for all games. There is a 17 point cap for 15 point games and a 13 point cap for 11 point games. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. In the event of a tie for 1st place in pool play, tiebreaker is as follows: head-to-head record, point differential in head-to-head match, point differential, coin toss.  In the event of a tie for 2nd place in pool play, 1 game to 11 (side out scoring) will be played. First team to reach 11 points is the winner. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. Playoff matches consist of 1 game to 11. SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. A division must have 4 or more teams in it to be eligible for awards.  If a division has only 1 court, there will be no playoffs unless there is a tie for 1st or 2nd.

MAV Rules

After years of debate MAV will use one set of rules, “USA Volleyball Beach Rules of the Game” for its sand and grass tournaments. The official rules can be found at www.usavolleyball.org. We believe adhering to a standard set of rules will take the confusion and guess work out of what rules apply to which tournament and will provide for greater continuity of play.

Major rules for MAV tournaments:

  • Rally scoring format for all events and divisions
  • Doubles and triples court dimension are 8 x 16 meters.
  • Quads and sixes court size remain at 9 x 18 meters.
  • Net serve, served ball landing in opponent’s court after touching the net, is a live, playable ball.
  • First ball contact with the ball using fingertip action must be a “clean” contact in doubles. 
    •   Exception is for a hard driven ball only.
  • A blocking contact in doubles counts as a team hit.
  • Contact with in any part of the net while playing the ball is a fault
  • While serving the ball, his or her foot may not go under the end line
  • Substitutions:
    • Not allowed for doubles
    • Unlimited for trips, quads and sixes as long as one player does not occupy more than one position in the service order.